I like to think of myself as a Swiss Army knife of web development. Most people know the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I prefer it with the expanded ending “…though ofttimes better than master of one”.

  • Front-End Development

    The most exciting moment in the process of making a website is not seeing the static design - it’s when you can interact with it. I take meticulous care in bringing a design, whether it’s mine or someone else’s, to life.

    I’m equally comfortable building my own work as I am slicing the designs of others using best-practice techniques and making them into functioning websites or templates ready for development.

  • Back-End Development

    A static website is okay, but I am truly excited to create dynamic, living and breathing site. Some of my most successful projects are ones where the client is able to make the website their own through a custom-tailored content management system (CMS).

    Although I usually live in the design/front-end world, I also spend a lot of time coding dynamic, database-driven websites. From small challenges to full content management systems, I can handle many projects normally reserved for a team.

  • Consulting

    A website is not done when it’s launched, and it’s not an end onto itself. The ongoing maintenance of a site and a web presence are critical; they are reflections of what happens offline.

    My many years of experience working on web projects of all sizes have given me the ability to evaluate situations for potential pitfalls and to move forward with the best chances for success.