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Ten 1 Seven is me. My home studio, located in Longmont, Colorado, is where I love to create top-notch websites.

A Little Bit About Me

Jeremy in Italy

In 1992 I began my career in web design by dropping out of architecture school. It would still be many years before writing my first HTML, but the seeds were sown. Some people ask why I didn’t end up being an architect. My response is that in many ways, I did. Instead of concrete and steel, I build in pixels and code.

I am fascinated with well-crafted websites. Web standards and accessibility are always at the front of my mind, because it’s too easy to assume that the web looks the same to everyone and on every device as it does on your desktop.

About This Site

This site was lovingly built using the latest techniques in CSS, HTML and Javascript. The particulars include SASS and Compass (compiled using the Compass app) for efficient CSS, jQuery for interactivity, LABjs for script loading and Font Squirrel’s @font-face generator for the custom font.



Ten 1 Seven Studio is located in Longmont, Colorado and hosted by (mt) Media Temple
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